Blue Roses
C. Douglas Stephens Infusion Series

Four evenings of new play readings by members and friends of Blue Roses Productions

All readings to be held at the Abingdon Theater Company Spaces, 312 W. 36th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues), NYC

Not To Be Ignored

Mon., January 28, 2013 @ 7 pm, The Havoc:

Careful What You Wish For by Judy Stadt
Love Me Tender, Baby by Linda Billington
Point of Departure by Judd Lear Silverman

Winter Shorts

Tues., Jan. 29 2013 @ 7 pm, The Havoc:

All Roses by Karen Eterovich
The Last Holdout by Judd Lear Silverman
The War of Virginia and Alabama by Dawson Moore
Tornado by Arlitia Jones
What Will Be Done by Richard Cottrell

Blue Roses Celebrates Alaskan Playwrights

Mon., Feb. 4, 2013 @ 7 pm, The Havoc:

Better Than the Alternative by Mollie Ramos
Crook Book by Lucas Rowley
First Kiss by Tom Moran
From Afterlife by Carolyn Roesbery
Heart Poor by Dawson Moore
Hot Spot by Linda Billington
Interpretive Dance by Schatzie Schaefers
Just You and Me by Kyra Meyer
The Cigarette by Forrest Leo

A Full-length play

Tues., Feb. 26, 2013 @ 7 pm, The Strelsin Theatre:

Kennedy V by Roland Tec

Featuring company members and special guests-

Frank Anderson, Christina Ashby, Nili Bassman, Erick Betancourt, Timothy Brown^, Louisa Cabot, Ryan Castro, Dominic Comperatore^, Kara Lee Corthron, Richard Cottrell, Erma Duricko^, Karen Eterovich^, Gary Giovannetti, Jennifer Tazzi Giovannetti, Heather Lee Harper, Jim Ireland^, Sarah Ireland, Daniel Irvine^, Donna LaStella, DianeMartella, Maribel Martinez, Blair Sams, George Sheffey, leslie shreve, Scot Sickles, Heather Shisler, Judd Lear Silverman, Megan Smith^, Doug Stephens^, Aaron Wester, Thomas Wolfe^, John Yearley, JoAnn Yeoman


For more information and reservations, phone 212-252-4915